Well, the early high school football rankings are out by MaxPreps and this is sure to get everyone pumped up for high school football when it starts in August, which is JUST around the corner. Heck, before we know it, college football and the NFL will be back in action and life will be good.

The #1 MaxPreps team as of now is De La Salle out of Concord, California. This could definitely chance once the season gets underway but for now De LaSalle is in the lead! A big part of them being the top dogs is because they have key players on both offense and defense back again so they have a good shot.

Here are the top teams to round out the top 5 high school football teams for the early rankings:

  1. De La Salle (Concord, Calif.)
  2. Central (Miami)
  3. Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas)
  4. Archer (Lawrenceville, Ga.)
  5. DeSoto (Texas)

For the rest of the top 25 teams, seems like the southern part of the U.S. is taking names as of now as well as the strong football state of Texas.

Check out all top 25 teams: MaxPreps Top 25 High School Football Teams

You never know though. There is still summer left and injuries can happen, kids move to different schools and many other factors that can impact a great team in the top 25. So, we have to sit back and wait for now but soon enough, high school football will be back and we can see how this all plays out this year.

Who's your favorite high school team? Are they going to make it to state?

So, it is getting that time of the year when Iowa and the Midwest starts thinking about the upcoming football season. Many high schoolers would LOVE to play football but not all have the skill needed to play the game.  But, there are some things you can do to help improve your high school football skills so you too can be part of the team and play pigskin this fall.

Here are some tips for getting ready for high school football season:

  • Total devotion and dedication to football. Every inch of your being needs to be determined to play and you need to train like you want to play.  It's a rough sport so you need to prep yourself to be ready to perform.
  • Complete understanding of the sport. This can be achieved by reading books, watching games and talking with other players.  You should dive into everything football.  You need to be both mentally and physically strong to play high school football.
  • Regular training is a must.  You need to train on agility, strength, speed, power and smarts.
  • Perform regular assessments of yourself as a football player and seek your coach's honest opinion of your strengths and weaknesses.  Don't frown upon weaknesses.  Train more in those areas to improve.  Practice makes perfect so keep pushing forward.
  • Since high school football players are a bit undeveloped still, you should steer away from even the best testosterone supplements similar to pro testosterone or at least read the reviews until you are more grown and developed so you don't harm yourself. Take your body serious and treat it well so you can perform when the time comes to play.
  • Remain patient when things get a little tough.  Football is a tough sports and times will get tough but just keep an even head and you will be fine.
  • Communicate with your teammates. Learn from each other.  Build upon each other's strengths.  Learn from each other's weaknesses.
  • Eat healthy.  Make sure you are giving your body the proper nutrition it needs to succeed.  Eat a balance of fats proteins and carbs to load your body correctly.  Do not do a fat loss diet at this stage as you need fats to have the energy to help get you through those tough practices and training sessions.
  • Have fun.  Enjoy playing the wonderful game of football.